How might we behave around food in 2025?


In order to put a more future-focused lens on their product strategy, IKEA and IDEO collaborated on a year-long exploration of how might we behave around food in 2025.

Involving university students in the initial stages, the project undertook in-depth research into likely future scenarios which birthed a range of new product concepts. Learning by building, the team incorporated multiple prototyping iterations of strategic intent, new product forms and exhibition storytelling, culminating in a large scale exhibition design and build.

The exhibition was displayed at Salone, in Milan, in front of 200,000 people, before being reconstructed for display at the IKEA museum in Almhült, Sweden. The exhibition received several awards and was featured in Forbes, Engadget and CNBC amongst others.

This project was made possible by a diverse and incredibly talented team of design students, interaction and industrial designers, software programmers, fabricators, illustrators, animators and copywriters, and a visionary and inspiring client who were hugely supportive of the process and ecstatic at the results.


Video courtesy Dezeen