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Defining the connected customer experience


As part of a major transformation toward customer-centricity, Scentre Group (owner of Westfield) worked with Fjord in a series of projects to redefine how they related to their customers across their vast network of digital and physical touchpoints.

In a breakneck two-month series of sprints, the project redesigned Westfield.com.au’s 40 shopping-centre websites from the ground up with a key emphasis on content discovery and leveraging real-time data to enhance the customer experience, based on in-depth journey mapping and ethnographic research insights.

The website redesign evolved into a full-scale rebrand of one of Australia’s most valuable and cherished brands, with a complete roll-out executed soon after.

Following from the website and brand work, Fjord continued the relationship, working collaboratively with the client to define the future strategy for digital-physical experiences across all of Scentre Group’s retail destinations.